Data Collector™

Bringing transformers online in less than ten minutes

Instantly upgrade your transformer into a modern data streaming unit

The energy transition could not have happened at a more critical time. Our power grids are ageing and in need of attention. To complicate matters even further, many technical power distribution specialists are getting close to retirement and it is not possible to scale the workforce to match our needs.
These developments call for a drastic change away from labour-intensive on-site assessment to a scalable, data-driven asset management strategy. The challenge is that we have no real-time transformer performance data.
We made this part easy.

A new standard by Oktogrid™

The traditional obstacles in installing measurement equipment on transformers is taking the transformer out of service and the time needed for installation of equipment.
To solve this challenge we invented a method that makes it possible to harvest and analyse performance data from any type of transformer in real time, without any downtime or tooling needed.
Our Data Collector™ is installed in less than 10 minutes and instantly turns any transformer into a modern data streaming unit.


Attach Power Source


Connect power chord to the Data Collector™


Mount sensor at the designated area and you have connected your transformer for streaming to data services

Non-invasive measurements 
of transformer load and performance

Measuring transformer condition and performance is difficult. We simplified the process with advanced sensors and algorithms.
The Oktogrid Data Collector is a highly specialised sensing and processing unit that is capable of non-invasively measuring physical transformer performance metrics.
Our focus is on the transformer’s electromechanical and thermodynamic behaviour.
By measuring the electromagnetic field, vibration patterns, ultrasonic acoustic emissions, and thermal variations the Data Collector™ continously gathers the information needed to track transformer performance.
Over time, and across load cycles.

3-axis Magnetic Field3-Axis Vibration SensorUltra-wide Frequency Acoustic SensingTransformer TemperatureAmbient Asset Temperature
Electromagnetic field for monitoring load cyclesVibration Analysis for winding, core and structure analysisUltrasonic Acoustic Emission for early fault detectionTouchless surface temperature sensingAmbient transformer temperature
Sampling Rate1.000 Hz27 kHz192 kHz5 Hz5 Hz
Sensitivity1.5 mgauss60 μg/√Hz-38 dBV ±1 dB @ 94 dB SPL 1 kHz0.02 °C0.02 °C
Range2 m20 cm5 mm-40 to 380 °C-40 to 80 °C
Exploded device

Edge processing with ARM M4 Processor at 120 MHz

We distribute our processing load by having expensive computation done at the edge.

Simultaneous Realtime UTC Timestamps

We synchronise data sampling across all Data Collectors for grid-wide analytics

Direct to Cloud Communication

Seamless and timely Data transmission to cloud using 4G/LTE-m Modem

Remotely Configurable

Sampling, processing, and data transfer can be configured remotely to suit the need and operational demands.

Hardware Layer Encryption and digital signature

We elevate security level with a hardware layer encryption and digital signature tech, using industry standards as AES-256, SHA-384, and ECDSA.

On-Premise Cabled RS-485

Multiple connectivity options such as on-premise cabled RS485, BLE 4.2, Over the Air RS-485 or 2-wire Connection

Robust Installation with Magnetic Mount

Streamlined and non-invasive installation process with a IP67 rating protection against diverse environmental conditions.

Low power device with Multiple Power Options

The monitoring and analysing process is complimented by Long-term battery pack, direct utility power, and energy harvesting.


Now you know how we collect the data. Next, explore how to get access to it.

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