Asset Monitor™

Monitor assets with simple, easy to understand charts

Drawing charts for revealing patterns

Not caring to code APIs? Get an easy overview with Asset Monitor™, so you can follow trends, discover events and get notifications.


Evolved over many user interactions

Nobody needs another dashboard just to look at more out of context data. We offer value-specific presentation of time-series plots with and event information for obtaining a clear narrative on cause and effect.

Overload Forecast

Predictive analytics to know what to expect and plan ahead on informed decisions.

Transformer Capacity (Dynamic Thermal Rating)

Transformers are underutilised in a world of increasing grid congestion. Our enhanced IEEE/IEC models give an accurate view on what your transformer’s capacity is at any given time.


Harmonics are part of grid load patterns and important to asset health.

10 min installation time

A non-invasive and hassle-free mounting process done in just 10 minutes


Three products to digitalise your transformers.

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