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How do we move this industry forward together?

We need to view the energy transition as a mindset, and not just as a matter of building new infrastructure.
Striving for Net Zero by 2050 means rapid electrification across all sectors of our society. More electric vehicles, more renewable energy, means more electricity through our ageing grids.
Reaching for a sustainable future is not all about installing new copper and equipment. It is about embracing both reuse and new maintenance. In other words, we should prolong the lifespan of existing facilities while also establishing new transformer stations for expanding capacity.
Conventional asset management and maintenance does not cut it anymore. There are 50 field technicians per 10.000 transformers. All the while, we have thousands of new colleagues committed to building a green future for us all.
Our endeavour requires access to data and platforms promoting cross-disciplinary collaborations.
Dear Asset Managers, meet your new friends, the Data Scientists.

Our work is guided by values



Innovation at Oktogrid comes from a deep love for iterating over the problem until we understand the how to our why. Building a hardware product makes this even more important.


User experience

Do not forget the user.


Business sense

There is no transition without transaction. We whole-heartedly believe in working for a better future. That means putting thought into understanding the financial position of our users. A financially sustainable business model for our users means moving our industry faster towards a sustainable transition.

Our team

We are from a tradition of data analytics and sensor technology.

Anders Filtenborg

Product Design & User Experience

Golam Sadeghnia


Vedant Kamlaskar

Embedded Lead

Rubèn Aiello

Technical Product Manager

Emilia Jasmin

Office and Operations manager

Vadim Usaciov

Sales / Account Executive

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