Bringing transformers online for the Energy Transition

Oktogrid’s sensing technology allows electricity providers to add a digital interface to any transformer in less than ten minutes with no tooling needed.

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What we do

We provide access to transformer performance data for grid professionals.

Electrification is taking place at a rate, where conventional methods for inspection, maintenance, and congestion management no longer match the new energy scenario.
Distribution transformers are ageing blind spots with no access to online, real-time performance data. This is because getting access to data is hard. We have solved this problem.

Stock photo of transformer next to a blossom tree


of the low voltage distribution grid in Europe is digitally disconnected



of distribution transformers are over 30 years old



more capacity can be added 
if realtime performance is known


A Digital Data interface for Any Transformer

Our method gives non-invasive access to transformer and grid performance data in realtime making it possible to monitor, forecast, and react to congestions and reduce cost of asset management.

Easy installation

No outage needed

No need for transformer outage while installing the Data Collector™.

10 min installation time

A non-invasive and hassle-free mounting process done in just 10 minutes

Works on all transformers

Suitable for all types of transformers across all ratings.

Key Analytics

Getting access to data was the first step. Making sense of it comes next. We convert data into valuable insights for your decision-making.

Grid Frequency

Local non-invasive measurement of grid frequency for an efficient look on the heartbeat of your electrical grid.


Harmonics are part of grid load patterns and important to asset health.

Load Profile

Understanding peak loads is good for keeping a healthy grid. Keep track for analysing how power consumption patterns affect transformer performance.

Early Fault Detection

Continuous monitoring of transformer core, winding and structure so you can stay one step ahead on which components need your attention the most.

Transformer Capacity (Dynamic Thermal Rating)

Transformers are underutilised in a world of increasing grid congestion. Our enhanced IEEE/IEC models give an accurate view on what your transformer’s capacity is at any given time.

Accelerated Ageing and Loss of Life

Identifying and extending asset lifespan is now an active part of asset management strategies. Get exact numbers of actual asset usage.

Overload Forecast

Predictive analytics to know what to expect and plan ahead on informed decisions.


Products for connecting to your transformer

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What do others think?

Elena de Benavides Jimenez

Head of Corporate Investments, Elewit

Our goal at Elewit is to promote energy transition and connectivity for a sustainable future. The team at Oktogrid has developed a solution that has the potential to make asset condition monitoring for electricity generators and distributors easier and more realistic to implement - enabling them to optimise their equipment and more easily meet future demands for productivity, stability, and prolong asset lifetime.

Stuart Thompson

Electrification Service Division President, ABB

I am confident that ABB’s investment in Oktogrid, when combined with our technology and in-depth industry insights, will help industry leapfrog the much-needed upgrade to aging electrical grids to meet the demands for higher power performance, reliability and availability.

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